About Bindle Binaries

Bindle Binaries is a small software development and consulting business specializing in UNIX ™ systems administration and software development with an enphasis on developing custom applications for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, and iOS platforms.

Each member of our team has over ten years of experience working for telecommunications companies as engineers creating mobile applications, developing enterprise provisioning systems, designing customer web portals, writing internal utilities, building servers, and maintaining Internet services.

Announcing Branches LDAP Administrator

March 19, 2012 logo

Announcing the release of the Branches LDAP Administrator. Now available from iTunes App Store.

Branches is designed to provide the power of a desktop app in the palm of your hand. With an intuitive touch interface and full LDAP support, Branches allows system administrators to perform quick searches and modifications while on the go or in a meeting. Branches has been tested against Active Directory, OpenLDAP, ApacheDS, and Sun Java System Directory Server.

Announcing BindleKit SDK

October 8, 2011 logo

Announcing the release of the BindleKit SDK. Now available from Github.

BindleKit SDK is a collection classes to help developers quickly and easily create complex iOS controllers and views without the need to write lengthy code. BindleKit SDK is free to use in proprietary software under the terms of the Bindle Binaries Open Source License, a modified BSD license.